Attaining Wisdom Requires Diligence

Credit - Alexander Heaton

Proverbs 8:17 – “I [Wisdom] love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently will find me.”

The entire book of Proverbs in and of itself is wise. Plain and simple. When I look at the book as a whole, I see nothing but wisdom, and it could not be any other way. King Solomon asked God for wisdom above riches, power, prestige, or any other thing he may have wanted, and God gave it to him and then some (the riches, power, and prestige he didn’t ask for).

For the past month I have been asking God for wisdom.  Wisdom for individual decisions that needed, and need to be made, and also for a well of wisdom in my heart. And right there, when I wrote that, I am reminded again that being in God’s Word constantly is crucial to my desire for wisdom.

If I don’t fill my heart with the Word of God, I will have nothing to pull out of when I lower the bucket into the well, so to speak.

“…those who seek me diligently will find me.”

To fully grasp this, I was curious what the definition of ‘diligence’ is: “…those who seek me [with careful and persistent work or effort] will find me.”

Seek wisdom, and continue to seek wisdom, even when there is difficulty or opposition in the path. It is hard, thus the work and effort part, but I can tell you with confidence that it will be worth it, and is worth it. (An analogy of climbing a mountain would be perfect here…)

I am wiser today than I was a month ago, and even just yesterday. And as each month passes where I am diligent with reading God’s Word (seeking His wisdom) and allowing his Word to fill my heart and mind I will only grow wiser.

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2 thoughts on “Attaining Wisdom Requires Diligence

  1. Good points! I love the word ‘diligence’. I might have mentioned before that I try to live my life by Colossians 3:23 ( That is what diligence is all about. The hardest thing to grasp is that Spiritual gifts are of so much more value than material worldly prosperity. The more Spiritual wealth we have the less we need of this world.

    Ps. I like the new theme.

    • Col 3:23 is such a great verse. And I agree, it is so hard to stay focused on our spiritual wealth (and well being) while we are constantly bombarded with the “glory” of the world’s wealth.

      Thanks for the comment, and glad you like the new theme!

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