A Note to My Readers

As you may have noticed last week I published a rather focused article in a very focused category (Marriage and Divorce, and Theology, respectively). That post, and the posts that are planned to follow every Friday, have been in the works for quite some time. Actually, just the idea. The articles themselves are written in an afternoon, but the idea of publishing my papers that relate to theology, church history, and the Bible has been something that I have wanted to do for quite some time, but I struggled with how to execute the idea. Last week I just ran with the idea, the smallest portion of it, and clicked “publish.”

Since then I have gained a few new subscribers (welcome!), and I assume this is because of their interest in the academic focus I have decided to take this website. As a result of the new readership, I have started another website for the random things that have found their way here for the past several years (pictures of coffee, cigars, random thoughts, etc). Now that this site has a clear purpose (well written and though provoking articles meant to ignite a passion for studying God’s Word, in one way or another), I feel that it will be best to not post the random pictures here, but on the site that I have created specifically for that reason.

Meet: The Finer Grinds. There you will find what I used to publish here. Consider this site to be the unfocused, unfiltered Aaron. So, if you enjoy drinking coffee with me, or at least seeing the coffee I drink, among other things, head over to The Finer Grinds and subscribe via email.

Thanks for understanding this move and I hope you will stick around on both sites for the content that I create for you.




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