Aaron AikenWho I am in Three Bullet Points:

The Point of this Website and the Topics

If you are a Christian the topics that I write about here and are then discussed in the comments will be of great interest to you. We delve into foundations of our faith. Ask the tough questions about things like Marriage, Remarriage, and Divorce; Can a Woman be a Pastor or Elder; How Can God Allow Evil; and other topics of that nature. I will also write about “lighter” topics that will explore a biblical passage in more detail. For the Christian, this site is to help you learn and grow in your faith so that you will come away knowing God more and loving Him more.

If you are not a Christian, I offer you a warm welcome! Just because we may not see eye to eye on everything written here does not mean that you cannot become an active reader and commenter. I welcome questions, challenges, and debates. I welcome them because it will sharpen both of our minds and will allow me the opportunity to share my faith with you in a way that you are open to (because you are here). For the non-Christian, I hope that you will become an active member of the site so that we can both grow in knowledge and wisdom together.

Why I Publish Here

I love to do a few things. Talk, teach, and learn. More specifically, I love to talk about the Bible, teach the Bible, and learn more about the Bible. Writing here allows me to do all three at the same time. I put hours into each post, and through the process of writing I learn a ton about God and His Word. The writing portion is the teaching part. I have a burning passion to educate believers and non-believers about the things of God and writing here allows me to do that just about every week. And finally, I love to talk with my readers in the comment section below each post. This allows all of us to talk about the topic more and continue the teaching and learning cycle.

What Can You Do?

First, subscribe via email (at the bottom of this page) so that you can get all of the posts in your inbox. Second, read and comment! It is impossible to read anything, especially the topics here, and not have something to say. It can be a point of agreement, disagreement, or a question. Or just a friendly “hello.” Third, invite friends and family to the site. The more the merrier because it will allow more questions to be asked and answered by you and me. Below each post are buttons that allow you to easily share via Facebook, Twitter, and email. I invite you to use these. Finally, rate each post that you read. This will draw attention to both the good posts and the bad ones (which hopefully do not exist), but will also direct new visitors to posts that you found to be well written and worth your time.

All of that being said, I am glad to have you here and hope that you enjoy what I have to offer.

In Christ,

Aaron Aiken



Recent Posts

Ken Ham – The Key to Reclaiming the Culture

I did not particularly enjoy this class, but it did have a few nuggets that I found very enjoyable and fascinating. This presentation by Ken Ham is one of them. If you have any interest in Genesis and creation, give it a watch. And don’t mind the absolutely terrible video quality…I, unfortunately, have zero control over that.

Ken Ham reclaiming culture

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