Planned Articles and a Book Announcement

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As I’m sure some of you have noticed…

The theological papers have come to a temporary halt. I explained why to a reader a few days ago. I have been meaning to explain my absence to the rest of you, and apologize for not doing so sooner.

Due to my schedule of work, school, and personal life, I am not able to produce unique content for this website outside of what I write for my school assignments. My fall semester ended in the middle of December 2011, we closed the year with a closer look at the Significance of Christmas, and then things seemed to come to an abrupt halt. This was due to a large work project (thankful for this!) that came my way, and then school starting up again just last Monday. So, that should explain to you my absence and why you have not had any juicy theological topics to chew on.

What does this mean for this Winter/Spring?

Good question. Glad you asked 🙂

In the next seven weeks (Winter) there are at least three papers that I will publish here:

  • Paul’s Journey to Rome – I will be working on this paper for the next seven week’s. Details will come as I develop my research on the topic.
  • The Christology Debate: What does it mean that Christ “emptied himself” in the incarnation?  Did he lay aside certain attributes of deity in order to become human, or did he retain all attributes of deity while in human flesh?
  • The Providence Debate: In the realm of God’s providence, there are numerous variables and nuanced positions.  Consider the two broader views—the Arminian and the Calvinist views—and evaluate the merits of each as to whether or not there might be alternatives views that incorporate both perspectives.  Remember that this debate has less to do with the soteriological issues and more to do with God’s control over the happenings that occur in the world in which humans live and make daily choices.

That covers the my Winter classes (a study on Acts and Theology 350). Spring brings with it two new classes, Theology of Missions, and History of Life. I expect to have a few projects from the Missions class that will be published here and am not sure what to expect from the latter class.

A Super Secret Project not so Secret Any Longer!

On Friday I published a post with a few pictures hinting at something I am working on. I am here to tell you that I am going to take the theological papers that I published last year and put them into one binding, electronic, of course, and maybe print depending on the response I receive this year. With the Apple event last week came the software to create and publish interactive books in the iBook store. That announcement gave me a solid kick prompted me to start the project of publishing my articles in a more “official” manner this year.

The working title is: Theological Topics for Every Christian to Think About: A Collection of Essays.

As of now it will contain all of the theological articles published here last year. The iBook edition will contain much more than the text. You will find images (of important figures behind the theological issues), videos (of men wiser than myself expanding the theological topic at hand), quizzes (to help you review the theological topic), and a complete glossary containing terms and definitions (obviously). I will also be editing and updating each essay as well as providing in-text access to the numerous scriptural references within the essays. My hope would also be to include several other authors in the project.

I will also work on publishing a Kindle edition and a generic epub edition for those of you who do not yet own an iPad or iPhone.

Those are all of the details I have now, or at least have thought through enough to share with you. As I continue working on this I will update you with screenshots and maybe videos so that you can see what to expect (with the iBook version). I hope that this will prompt you to buy an iPad and also excite you all over again about studying these and other theological and biblical topics. 

Your help is requested but not required

There are a few ways you can help. 1) I do not have anything lined up just yet, but in a few weeks I may have a place setup for you to donate to this project (this might be at Kickstarter, but it may be my own creation as-well). 2) If you would like to be kept in the loop in a more direct way about this project please take a moment to complete the short form below. 3) Finally, if you have a network of friends and family that would like to be kept in the loop of this project, please share it with them!!


Heads up – Blacked out from 8am-8pm today

Incase you happen to stop by the site today to checkout the latest memory verse or read a theology paper, I’m blacking the site out in protest of proposed U.S. legislation that threatens internet freedom: the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). If you don’t know what this is, or haven’t heard of it yet, visit the site today to learn more. And even more than that, once you have learned what it is, do something about it!!

A Quick Introduction to the Significance of Christmas Series (this will literally consume 1 minute of your day)


This time of year is when we celebrate the season of Christmas. It really is a season, not just a single day on our calendars, as it consumes the entire month of December and in some cases appears before the Thanksgiving turkey has been served. One would think that because “Christmas Season” begins so early it would not be difficult to remember exactly why we have this time set aside to celebrate. 
The point of today, and the two Friday’s following, are to help us do just that: remember why we celebrate Christmas. More than that we are going to take a look at the Significance of Christmas, and in particular, the significance of three parts of the Christmas story that are very important, but sometimes overlooked. 
In today’s post at 11 AM EST, we are going to take a look at the Significance of the Time (Luke 2:1-3). Next Friday we will understand the Significance of Bethlehem (vv. 4-5), and in the following Friday we will do our best, with our limited human minds, to understand the Significance of the Child (vv. 6-7). Through these three posts I hope to convey to you the sovereign hand of God working in the midst of the world he created to accomplish his will and help you see the real reason we celebrate Christmas. 
I invite you to head out to a coffee shop today and read this post. Taking time to slow down over a hot beverage will go well with taking a closer look at the Significance of Christmas. 


Calling all Writers and Content Producers! Become a Contributor in 2012

Medieval Writing Desk

Beginning at the end of September of this year I started to write on this website strictly in the sphere of religion. Since focusing this website on such a niche area I have seen traffic and commenting double daily, weekly, and for the months of October and November. This, along with a number of encouraging comments from some of you, has led me to believe that this is something that will do well and will draw an audience of many down the road. As this seems to already be the case, even if on a smaller scale, I would like to plan ahead for 2012 and what is produced here for you, the reader and student of God’s Word.

That being said, I would like to have you write here (or someone you know)! If you have a passion for God’s Word and want to see lives transformed through encouraging the study of God’s Word (and a history of his Church, and other areas), then I want to hear from you.

You Should…:

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After you have completed the form above, please share this opportunity with others you know who may be a good fit. I would love to hear from them! You can use the “Sharing” buttons below. You’ll hear back from me shortly!