Ken Ham – The Key to Reclaiming the Culture

I did not particularly enjoy this class, but it did have a few nuggets that I found very enjoyable and fascinating. This presentation by Ken Ham is one of them. If you have any interest in Genesis and creation, give it a watch. And don’t mind the absolutely terrible video quality…I, unfortunately, have zero control over that.

Ken Ham reclaiming culture

Video: Why These Nine Marks?

I typically do not post videos here, but this was shared with me earlier today and thought it would be worth your time. It is short, and challenging.

Question: Why do you think it is unusual to be a strong or maturing believer in today’s church?

via Mark Dever, Pastor at Capitol Baptist Church in Washington D.C.

Missions in Action Update – Milking Cows in Sri Lanka

I wrote about Missions in Action before and wanted to give you a quick update to let you know that they have left the Philippines, where they were working with Compassion International, and are now in Sri Lanka with World Vision. Below you will be able to watch episode 6 and see how a cow does more than provide milk for one family, but reaches into the local community as well (laughed out loud when Alex tried to milk the cow).
Be sure to visit the World Vision website to get involved. Also Like Missions in Action on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

Missions in Action Filming Stories in the Philippines

Yesterday I introduced you to Compassion International and informed you that periodically I will have writing assignments from them. Today is the first one and it actually does not require much writing on my part.

Missions in Action is an effort to show places and people around the world that are in need of help. Their award winning, short documentary style of filming introduces you to a family, or person, and highlights their needs. And believe me, they are true and honest needs. The host, Alex Boylan, shows you what is currently being done to help the family and how that assistance is giving hope for today and tomorrow. At the closing of the episode Alex tells you how you can get involved, and since they are currently working with Compassion International while they are in the Philippines, you can help by sponsoring a child there.

Take a short break and watch the video below, it is only 7 minutes and is worth your time (this is episode 01 of the series).

So what can you do? Well, if this is something that you have had on your heart for a while, you can sponsor a child in the Philippines. As you saw in the video, children who are sponsored are given many opportunities to learn and grow so that they can become responsible Christian adults as they mature.

If you are not yet ready to sponsor a child, I invite you to keep in touch with the Missions in Action web series. You can sign up to receive new episodes in your inbox here (they currently have two filmed). You should also help get the word out by following them and mentioning them on Twitter (@missionstv), and ‘Liking’ them on Facebook.

A Comparison Between Hitler’s Holocaust and the United States’ Practice of Abortion

Every once in a while there is something great that comes through my inbox or on Twitter. This rarely happens, but when it does I do my best to stop and notice. A few weeks ago Julie (@incitefaith and shared the video linked below with me. I did not know what the video contained, and eventually had to stop eating my breakfast out of respect, but had an idea. I knew it would probably touch on Hitler and Salvation. It does touch on both of those, but there is an interesting parallel drawn between Hitler’s Holocaust and the practice of abortion here in the United States.

That’s all I want to say as far as the meaty content of the video. Now for the disclaimer: there are disturbing pictures and video footage of concentration camps, as well as images from parts of the abortion procedure. These are not long and drawn out, but are used by the video to draw an interesting parallel and show the brutality of both. I urge you to watch this video despite these upsetting scenes. It may change the way you view a number of things, but it will especially change the way you view abortion (and how you vote).

After viewing it, I am interested in your thoughts on any of the topics covered. Please share them in the comment section below. (Note: you can post comments that disagree with the video, but please use clean language and proper English–even if you agree with the video).