Calling all Writers and Content Producers! Become a Contributor in 2012

Medieval Writing Desk

Beginning at the end of September of this year I started to write on this website strictly in the sphere of religion. Since focusing this website on such a niche area I have seen traffic and commenting double daily, weekly, and for the months of October and November. This, along with a number of encouraging comments from some of you, has led me to believe that this is something that will do well and will draw an audience of many down the road. As this seems to already be the case, even if on a smaller scale, I would like to plan ahead for 2012 and what is produced here for you, the reader and student of God’s Word.

That being said, I would like to have you write here (or someone you know)! If you have a passion for God’s Word and want to see lives transformed through encouraging the study of God’s Word (and a history of his Church, and other areas), then I want to hear from you.

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After you have completed the form above, please share this opportunity with others you know who may be a good fit. I would love to hear from them! You can use the “Sharing” buttons below. You’ll hear back from me shortly!


A Quick Heads-Up

Something that has been requested by a few of you is having points of interests (or points to remember) and discussion questions as the end of each article as it is published. Starting today, in four minutes actually, this will be something at the conclusion of any article written about theology, church history, the Bible, etc. My hope is that the points of interest will remind you of the main ideas to keep in mind, and that the questions will prompt you to think more about where you stand on the issue and why, or just to help you do some independent study.

It is my hope that this small addition will help you learn and grow in your Faith!

In Christ,


Theology and Church History Papers will be Published Soon

As you may or may not know, I am a full-time student at Liberty University Online. I am currently focusing on a major in Religion and a minor in nothing at this point. As a student, and if you ever were one yourself you will relate to this, I have to write a lot of papers to complete assignments. Studying religion has forced me to take a hard look at where I stand on theological topics (such as marriage, women in ministry, evil, etc), look back at the history of Christianity (specifically after the first century) and take a good look at several key passages of Scripture.

Something that I have not done here in a while is posted anything serious. Lots of pictures, random thoughts on technology, but nothing really focused on my studies and what eventually hope to teach somehow: the Bible.

Bible StudySo, beginning this Friday, I will post papers that I write for my LUO classes here, to this blog. They will range from theological, to historical, to  exegetical in nature, and I’m sure if you have any interest in religion or Christianity you will enjoy these papers.

That being said, here are a few disclaimers:

  • I will not publish a paper until it has been graded (this doesn’t really effect you, but just so you know)
  • All of my papers have to meet certain word counts, some are shorter than others. For example, my theology papers are considered short essays, and they cannot exceed 800 words. They are also assigned in a question/answer format, but our writing cannot show that this is the case. As such, not every point in some papers will be “unpacked” as much as I would like. The beauty of publishing them here is that we can discuss certain points that you feel should be opened up a bit more.
  • Your comments on my writing are appreciated but not necessary (especially if they are belittling). Although, if you consider yourself a good writer and have a few tips or advice, please feel free to share your thoughts.

My hope for this project is to continue the conversation that it started in my classes. Also, I hope to grow in my knowledge through interraction with some of you by discussing points and helping each other where we are weak in our understanding of God’s Word.

I hope that this is something that you will enjoy. I look forward to sharing my work with you.


2 Timothy 3:16-17