Missions in Action Update – Milking Cows in Sri Lanka

I wrote about Missions in Action before and wanted to give you a quick update to let you know that they have left the Philippines, where they were working with Compassion International, and are now in Sri Lanka with World Vision. Below you will be able to watch episode 6 and see how a cow does more than provide milk for one family, but reaches into the local community as well (laughed out loud when Alex tried to milk the cow).
Be sure to visit the World Vision website to get involved. Also Like Missions in Action on Facebook and follow them on Twitter


Missions in Action Filming Stories in the Philippines

Yesterday I introduced you to Compassion International and informed you that periodically I will have writing assignments from them. Today is the first one and it actually does not require much writing on my part.

Missions in Action is an effort to show places and people around the world that are in need of help. Their award winning, short documentary style of filming introduces you to a family, or person, and highlights their needs. And believe me, they are true and honest needs. The host, Alex Boylan, shows you what is currently being done to help the family and how that assistance is giving hope for today and tomorrow. At the closing of the episode Alex tells you how you can get involved, and since they are currently working with Compassion International while they are in the Philippines, you can help by sponsoring a child there.

Take a short break and watch the video below, it is only 7 minutes and is worth your time (this is episode 01 of the series).

So what can you do? Well, if this is something that you have had on your heart for a while, you can sponsor a child in the Philippines. As you saw in the video, children who are sponsored are given many opportunities to learn and grow so that they can become responsible Christian adults as they mature.

If you are not yet ready to sponsor a child, I invite you to keep in touch with the Missions in Action web series. You can sign up to receive new episodes in your inbox here (they currently have two filmed). You should also help get the word out by following them and mentioning them on Twitter (@missionstv), and ‘Liking’ them on Facebook.

A Note to My Readers: Compassion International

If you read the articles published on this website by coming to the actual site (instead of reading it in your RSS reader or some other way) you may have noticed two new items. On the right sidebar there is now a promotional item for Compassion International, and if clicked will take you to a page on the Compassion International website where you can learn more about giving clean water to those in need of it. This same type of promotional item is also located in the footer (the bottom) of each page and article. Seeing these may have raised a few questions for you, which I would like to answer below.  

What is Compassion International?

Compassion International‘s goal is to take a child who is living in poverty and help them from “economic, physical, social and spiritual poverty, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.” Compassion partners with a local church, where the child lives, and works with the church to develop programs that will help a child living in poverty receive the education and spiritual growth they will need to grow out of the poverty they are in. Compassion then partners with people like you and me to sponsor a child so that they can be a part of the programs developed by Compassion and the local church. Learn more about Compassion by reading through the Compassion FAQ page.  

Why is Compassion International on this website?

First, I (Aaron), gain absolutely nothing from what you decide to do with the information you receive about Compassion from me on this website. If you decide to sponsor a kid because of reading something here, there is nothing in it for me. I am writing about Compassion International and their efforts because they are a part of the wheel that is Evangelism. I do not receive any monetary support of any kind from Compassion and do not aim to. My aim with writing about Compassion is to introduce you to them, and some of their ministry partners, so that you are aware of needs around the world that you can help with. Questions? Ask them in the comments below 🙂 

What can I expect to read or see about Compassion International and their ministry activity?

I am a part of the Compassion Blogger team. I am one of approximately 1,100 other bloggers who have decided to help spread the word about Compassion and their mission through the use of my website and writing. Compassion sends us (bloggers) “assignments” that help to show a need or highlight a specific part of their ministry. You will see videos, read testimonials, and learn how you can become involved. Absolutly nothing pushy (see below).  

What do you believe about “pulling on heart strings?”

Great question. I don’t believe in pulling on heart strings. That is to say, I don’t believe in pulling on the heart strings of people to make them do something. A huge problem that I see in churches is that there is such an emphasis on emotional response that people do not really know anything substantial. They do not know why they bleieve what they believe. They believe it because that is what the pastor or their parents have told them.  
I sat in a church service once where the pastor used his pulpit, and the forty minutes he had to preach, to try and guilt me and the rest of his congregation into sponsoring a child. I walked out of that service very upset that he tried to use emotion and guilt to have me sponsor a child. I did not sponsor a child. I will not sponsor a child soley based on an emotional reaction, and will not encourage you to either. I do not want you to make an emotional decision when it comes to sponsoring a child. Hear me on this: I do not believe that true heart change (in this case, concern) will come through emotional response only. It must be grounded in God’s Word.  
All that I am going to do here is give you information and tell you what you can do. I then want you to continue studying God’s Word and praying. Allow what I tell you to prompt you to seek more from God and his Word. Allow his Word only to make the change in your life, not what I write here. Understood? Good 🙂 If not, fire away in the comments below. 
I am extrememly excited to begin writing about Compassion International (you can expect the first writing assignement to appear tomorrow) and look forward to telling you more about what they do and how you can get involved.