i don’t mean to have this as a journal recently, a collection of my daily thoughts, but this is just how it is for now. Nothing else is really able to penetrate my mind during this time, so please just hang in there…all you non readers.

We are off to Lancaster today to get finger prints for her so that she is able to continue her education in the Elementary Education program at LBC.  This is a new law that just passed, all current teachers and student teachers must have a set of finger prints on file…

Then we are off to the court house to obtain our marriage license.

Also, i have been spending a lot of time here and recommend it!

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Scrambled Eggs

Sometimes there is just too much going on at one time that thinking is out of the picture.

Too many opinions is too many options, and too many options is too many wrong answers. 

It is so hard to see clearly when so many people are in the way…i really hope that we can get through this.

–This is how my brain is operating right now…in little tid bits of information. Thanks to my Q i am able to manage my time effectively, hopefully well enough to find time for the more important things in life–

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