A Comparison Between Hitler’s Holocaust and the United States’ Practice of Abortion

Every once in a while there is something great that comes through my inbox or on Twitter. This rarely happens, but when it does I do my best to stop and notice. A few weeks ago Julie (@incitefaith and www.incitefaith.com) shared the video linked below with me. I did not know what the video contained, and eventually had to stop eating my breakfast out of respect, but had an idea. I knew it would probably touch on Hitler and Salvation. It does touch on both of those, but there is an interesting parallel drawn between Hitler’s Holocaust and the practice of abortion here in the United States.

That’s all I want to say as far as the meaty content of the video. Now for the disclaimer: there are disturbing pictures and video footage of concentration camps, as well as images from parts of the abortion procedure. These are not long and drawn out, but are used by the video to draw an interesting parallel and show the brutality of both. I urge you to watch this video despite these upsetting scenes. It may change the way you view a number of things, but it will especially change the way you view abortion (and how you vote).

After viewing it, I am interested in your thoughts on any of the topics covered. Please share them in the comment section below. (Note: you can post comments that disagree with the video, but please use clean language and proper English–even if you agree with the video).


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